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Now, the topic "intestinal fir" is in "Swedish style".

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At Nogizaka Spa, we used intestinal fir as a part of the Swedish aroma oil treatment, but there are many requests for intestinal fir, and we offer intestinal fir (abdominal care) for Swedish treatment only for women.

What is "intestinal fir (abdominal care)" that is a hot topic for women?

Recently, intestinal fir is especially popular with women, but "intestinal fir (abdominal care)" is so-called abdominal fir loosening. By squeezing the area around the intestines directly from above the abdomen, the movements of the small and large intestines are activated, and various effects are expected.

[People who recommend intestinal fir (stomach care)]

・ Tends to constipation ・ Easy to accumulate gas in the stomach ・ Abdominal distension ・ Low back pain ・ Stiff shoulders ・ Tends to disturb autonomic nerves ・ Cold sensitivity ・ Tends to sleeplessly ・ Stress builds up ・ Feels weakened metabolic function ・I have menstrual cramps


What is the secret of popularity? .. ..

"Because the intestines move, it's refreshing!"

The so-called constipation, in which stool stays in the intestines, deteriorates the intestinal environment, but it also impairs the movement of the intestines.
As a result, blood flow and lymph in the intestines are blocked, which is said to cause coldness and swelling of the whole body.
"Intestinal fir (abdominal care)" restores the original movement of the intestines by comfortably stimulating the intestines with the hands from above the stomach.
It is said that the excretion of waste products such as stools will be smooth, and it is expected that constipation will be resolved.
It is expected to be effective by improving constipation in the stomach and stomach caused by gas.

"Stable and relaxed feelings!"

Rubbing the intestines promotes blood circulation and warms the whole body.
In addition, it is said that the secretion of happiness hormone is activated, and a relaxing effect can be expected.

It is known that immunity is improved by adjusting the intestinal environment,
It is said that by rubbing the intestines, it also helps prevent colds.

"To improve the balance of autonomic nerves!"

The intestines are closely related to the autonomic nerves, and if the autonomic nerves are out of balance, the intestines will not move smoothly, causing physical disorders such as dullness.
It can also lead to mental upset such as frustration. However, it has been reported that the autonomic nerves are balanced when constipation is resolved, but intestinal fir not only moves the intestines normally, but also
It is a popular treatment because it indirectly affects the autonomic nerves.

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