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The most popular aroma oil treatment technique in the world

What is "Swedish style treatment"?

■ Encounter with Swedish treatment


"Swedish Aroma Treatment" is very popular and popular in the world. However, it has not been well known in Japan for many years, and few people knew its contents. At the time of opening Nogizaka Spa, we thought about "what is the technique that really satisfies our customers?" And continued to talk to experts in "aroma oil treatment" and people in the industry, and as a result, we reached the keyword "Swedish massage". bottom. Although it is not well known in Japan, it is the most common and popular technique in Europe and the United States, and it is said to be a "more comfortable technique in the world" that is pervasive as a basic technique for oil massage, so it is a Swedish style at Nogizaka Spa. Decided to incorporate the oil treatment of.

However, Japan is a country with a strong "acupressure culture", and while the value of "pain = comfort" is pervading, I was wondering if "a painless and pleasant oil treatment" would be accepted. In particular, "Bali style" and "Hawaii style Romi Romi" are the mainstream in Japan, so we gathered detailed information on Swedish treatment, including the opinions of experts. About a year after the conception, we opened the Swedish-style aroma oil treatment specialty store "Nogizaka Spa" in Nogizaka / Roppongi, the center of Tokyo.

I will also explain why Nogizaka Spa is a Swedish-style oil treatment specialty store.

■ Various techniques

In Swedish treatments, the therapist uses the palm, the pad of the finger, the knuckle, and all parts of the hand such as the wrist and fist, and uses a slow rhythm along the body structure such as joints, bones, ligaments, and tendons as well as muscles. Knead and loosen the body.
First, touch the shallow part of the muscle as if stroking it. When the oil penetrates the skin, knead, knead, and shake the muscles to loosen the deeper muscles. Kneading technique is one of the characteristics of Swedish. It is said that the parasympathetic nerve becomes dominant and has a relaxing effect both physically and mentally by keeping the fingers in close contact with the skin and gradually loosening the muscles from the surface to the deep layer with a relaxed rhythm. The therapist's technique is also characteristic, and the following four are the traditional Swedish techniques. Please experience the feeling once.
[Frixion] A method of applying pressure with the fingertips by crossing a total of eight fingers on the left and right in a circle [Eflorage] A method of sliding the palm and fingers in close contact with the skin [Petrisurge] Circle used from the fingers of both hands to the wrist Method of kneading muscles as if drawing [Compression] Method of applying pressure by overlapping the left and right palms

Swedish treatments are rarely reapplied after the first oil is applied. It is a good idea to gradually approach from the surface layer to the deep muscles by various techniques while calculating the time for the appropriate amount of oil to penetrate the skin without giving the discomfort that makes the whole body sticky with oil. It is a feature.

■ What is Swedish treatment in the first place?

Invented by Bar Henrik Lin of Sweden in the 1830s, it is said to have become the basic form of aroma treatment and the star of various aroma oil treatments. Its major feature is the technique of firmly loosening not only the superficial muscle tissue but also the deep muscle tissue with an appropriate amount of oil instead of applying a large amount of oil so that it slides. Apply an appropriate amount of oil that does not burden the skin, and slowly and deeply loosen it along the muscles and skeleton. Compared to regular treatments, it is less likely to cause strong pain and rebound, so you can comfortably relax deep inside your body. It is especially recommended for people who are not good at strong painful treatments but are not satisfied with general aroma treatments.

■ The amount of oil is different

Unlike general oil treatments, Swedish treatments use an appropriate amount of oil and are applied slowly and effectively, so the amount of oil used differs.

The mainstream oil treatments in Japan, such as Lomi Lomi and Balinese, apply plenty of oil to the skin at the start and apply oil every time it becomes slippery. As a result, a lot of oil is used for the technique of sliding hands smoothly and speedily.

On the other hand, the Swedish treatment initially stimulates the surface layer of the skin to slip with an appropriate amount of oil, but when the oil begins to penetrate, the skin and hands create a feeling of close contact, and a loose and unique procedure is a specific muscle. Carefully loosen the muscles that sleep deep in the skin. Furthermore, since it is a treatment that uses the therapist's weight, it does not focus on strength and grip strength, but the soft technique feels comfortable because the extra power of the hands is released.

That is why it is called "the most comfortable technique in the world".

■ I feel comfortable over time

The Swedish treatment is first loosened from the surface. Then gradually loosen it to the deeper layers. Since it does not stimulate the deep muscles suddenly, it may feel unreliable at first because there is no strong pain, but by gradually loosening it, the deep muscles are deeply loosened. As a result, you will feel satisfied over time, so it is advisable to take the treatment carefully. The Swedish style is said to be true relaxation, and it is not a "quick massage" that is performed in a short time, but one that allows you to relax mentally and physically. Due to time constraints, we recommend that you perform the procedure for at least 100 minutes. We also hear from customers that they feel a difference when they wake up the next day immediately after the procedure.