Efforts to prevent infection
At Nogizaka Spa, not only general infection prevention measures but also original measures are implemented.
~ Store design and operation suitable for infection control ~
Aiming to be a store that emphasizes hygiene and a sense of privacy, we asked a famous architectural designer to design the store, and we also built a store that was particular about materials and equipment. At that time, I had never imagined that the new coronavirus would spread, but as a result, customers have evaluated the store as having thorough infection control measures.
~ We will continue to operate so that you can use it with peace of mind.​​ ~

Measure 1 Dedicated approach that does not come into contact with other tenants / residents

Nogizaka Spa has its own stairs that you can visit directly from the road (Gaien Higashi-dori). The stairs are open air, so you can use it with confidence. You can enter the Nogizaka Spa without using the shared space such as the lobby and elevator of the building used by an unspecified number of people.​ Since it is a dedicated staircase, it is not used by anyone other than the staff and customers, but of course the area around the entrance door is thoroughly disinfected.


Measures 2 Welcome in a large lobby

When you open the door of Nogizaka Spa, the staff will welcome you in the large lobby. In the large lobby, the customer's waiting space (sofa space) is set at a distance of 2 m or more to provide a private space that avoids crowding.

Also, in order to avoid congestion with other customers, we try to avoid the support of 3 people (3 groups) or more in the lobby.

If you are particularly conscious of privacy (you want to avoid other customers), please tell the staff in advance.


Measure 3  Clean sheet and stone floor

Nogisaka Spa's waiting sofa (lobby sofa) does not use a cloth sofa. A leather-like sheet is used so that it can be wiped off at all times. Tables and sofas are disinfected and cleaned after each use.

In addition, in the lobby, which has a lot of traffic, stone boards are laid on the floor instead of carpet to prevent not only viruses but also dust and dirt from accumulating. As a result, the floor is constantly disinfected and cleaned to maintain the cleanliness of the entire store.


Measures 4 The therapist will guide you until you leave the store

After the reception is over, the therapist will guide you to your room individually. The therapist will guide you to your private room to avoid meeting and crowding you in the corridor. We strive to avoid face-to-face contact between customers from the perspective of privacy and infection prevention. In addition, since intercoms are installed in all rooms, you can call without leaving the room when you use it.


Measures 5 Completely private treatment room

The treatment rooms at Nogizaka Spa are completely private rooms, including pair rooms. All rooms are independent private rooms, and the treatment room has a lot of private feeling. All private rooms have different designs, but we do not use cloth cloth on the walls to keep them clean and hygienic. Bed sheets and towels use Nogisaka Spa's original Imabari towels, so rental towels are not used. Of course, all sheets and towels are changed after each treatment.


Measures 6 Completely individual air conditioning in all rooms

Since the treatment room of Nogizaka Spa is a completely private room, each room is equipped with individual air conditioning so that the air in other rooms does not mix. The air conditioning that can respond instantly to the heat of summer and the cold of winter makes it possible to provide a comfortable room temperature even if the room is regularly ventilated. We also clean the filter. Feel free to request a room temperature request.


Measures 7 Clean stone floors in all rooms

The floors of the treatment rooms at Nogizaka Spa are not carpets or carpets, but all rooms are stone floors. In the case of a cloth floor, it is difficult to disinfect each treatment and it is also difficult to remove dust and bacteria, so we have adopted a stone floor that can be disinfected and wiped off at any time. Cloth floors can be dirty with oil, unpleasant to the touch on a damp floor, or have an oxidative odor of spilled oil.

Therefore, at Nogizaka Spa, the floor is disinfected and wiped clean after each treatment to maintain a clean room at all times.


Measures 8 All rooms are equipped with single-use slippers

The floor of the treatment room at Nogizaka Spa is a clean stone floor, so you can use it barefoot. You can also relax comfortably by walking barefoot on the stone floor. However, for those who have a feeling of resistance to barefoot, we have fluffy pile slippers in all rooms, so please feel free to use them. Other hair bands and curling irons are also available.


Measures 9 Spacing operation between in-store ventilation system and room

A ventilation system is installed in the Nogizaka Spa store and in private rooms. We operate a system that ventilates the air inside the store during business hours. As a result, the inside of the store is continuously ventilated. In addition, the treatment room used is disinfected, cleaned, and towels are changed, and the room is not used for a certain period of time for ventilation. We are currently operating with a limited number of reservations for complete cleaning, disinfection and thorough ventilation.

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Measures 10 Therapist Health Control

The therapist at Nogizaka Spa performs the treatment by measuring the temperature before and when commuting. In addition to before and after the procedure, we also regularly wash and disinfect our hands. We wear masks in the store and we also wear masks when serving customers. In addition, 77% (as of August 25, 2021) of staff have completed the second vaccination. We believe that a relaxing environment = providing a sense of security. In addition, we ask our customers to wear a mask, measure the temperature, and disinfect their fingers when they come to the store. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.


Measures 11  Wear a face shield at close range

At Nogizaka Spa, we offer a pre-treatment "foot bath" for all menus. In the case of a foot bath, the therapist will wear a face shield when performing a foot bath or when the distance is close to the customer.

Thank you for your understanding in order to prevent infection.


Our store is a relaxation store that does not require national qualifications.
Ahaki Law (Act on Anma Massage Shiatsushi, Harishi, Kiyuushi, etc.), other related laws and regulations, notifications and notifications of regulatory agencies, shiatsu, massage, etc. that violate the industry's self-regulation are not performed. .. Our shop offers "Swedish Aroma Oil Treatment" which is a Swedish style treatment that is not a medical practice. Therefore, we offer "Swedish treatment" instead of "Swedish massage".