Popular private pair room

At Nogizaka Spa, we have a dedicated pair room that is separate from the usual treatment room for customers who use it as a pair.

★ Pair-only room

The pair room of Nogizaka Spa is prepared as a private room for pair customers. It is a private room designed only for pair use, not a room where the partition of the single room and the partition of the curtain are removed. Therefore, it is designed differently from other private rooms.

★ Privacy is also taken into consideration

At Nogizaka Spa, we consider the privacy of all our customers. Intercoms are installed in each room to prevent encounters with other guests in the corridors and toilets.

The staff will pick you up at your room on your way home.

If you do not want to meet other people in the lobby, please tell the staff in advance.

★ Foot bath is a bench seat

Nogizaka Spa provides a foot bath service (with massage) before the full-scale treatment. In the pair room, bench seats are provided so that the two can enjoy the foot bath side by side. While chatting, a warm foot bath provides blood circulation promotion and relaxing time.

★ Bed is cross-installed

The bed is arranged so that two people can talk with each other, not a separate bed during the treatment. This is a pair room original layout where you can receive each treatment while you are by your side.

★ Each oil can be selected as you like

Even in a pair room, different therapists are in charge of the treatment, so it is possible for each person to choose their favorite scent. However, if different scents are mixed, it may be different from the original scent because it is a completely private room. Please note.