Imabari towel

Imabari Towel has been responsible for the development of the towel industry as a representative product of Japan quality that is "safe, secure and high quality".

The quality backed by 120 years of history has spread its name to the world.

Imabari towels produced by craftsmanship and attention to detail, such as thread handling, weaving technology, dye blending, and pre-bleaching yarn dyeing technology unique to Imabari, are ordered from Nogizaka SPA and are genuine products that have passed strict examination. I'm using.

Pillows & cushions

Danish patented material Phosflakes

Nogizaka SPA uses the latest material "Denmark Phosflakes" cushions used in Danish physiotherapy clinics and designer hotels.

Phosflakes is a hygienic patented material made from flakes of pre-ethylene film, which is often used in food and clothing containers.

It is used for pillows that are concerned about hygiene.

* Nogizaka SPA is standard equipment in all rooms including pair rooms.

* As a popular Swedish massage shop in Minato Ward, we are particular about not only the treatment but also the incidental facilities and are highly evaluated by our customers.