​Oil treatment loved in the world

Swedish treatment is said to be the most comfortable oil treatment in the world. It is not a technique of sliding with oil, but a technique of sticking hands with an appropriate amount of oil so that the palm sticks to the skin, so you can feel the strength but not the pain, and the muscles are relaxed. ..

In addition, oil treatments in hot regions (Southeast Asia, Hawaii, etc.) have the effect of using plenty of oil to cool the body, but Swedish oil treatments are performed by using an appropriate amount of oil and kneading the muscles because they were born in the cold countries of Northern Europe. By doing so, it has been developed to warm and loosen the body, improve the constitution and create a relaxing effect.
Swedish oil treatments are said to be popular in Europe and the United States because they warm the bodies of people with poor circulation in cold regions. Therefore, I hope that many Japanese people with poor circulation will experience the Swedish oil treatment once.


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Tummy treatment that is very popular with women

"Intestinal fir" is a topic that promotes intestinal activation and eliminates constipation and bloated stomach.

At Nogizaka Spa, you can treat your abdomen in a Swedish treatment style to make your intestines more effective.

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The hot topic "Head Spa"

The head spa of Nogizaka Spa is not only a treatment that presses the head with acupressure points, but also loosens the surface and induces a relaxed state while promoting blood flow in the head by various techniques.

Experience a pleasant technique using the dry Swedish technique of Swedish treatment.

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Relax and eliminate leg fatigue and swelling

Generally, reflexology is said to be a treatment that is effective in maintaining health and supporting beauty by giving moderate stimulation to the reflex area of the sole of the foot to care for physical and mental disorders. By treating the tired parts of the legs such as the thighs and calves in a Swedish style, the blood flow of the entire leg is promoted, so the body temperature rises and the relaxing effect is enhanced.

Please also value leg care to relieve daily fatigue.

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Japan's largest
Swedish aroma oil treatment specialty store

Our store is a relaxation store that does not require national qualifications.
Ahaki Law (Act on Anma Massage Shiatsushi, Harishi, Kiyuushi, etc.), other related laws and regulations, notifications and notifications of regulatory agencies, shiatsu, massage, etc. that violate the industry's self-regulation are not performed. ..
Our shop is "Swedish Aroma Oil Treatment" which is a Swedish style treatment that is not a medical practice.
We offer. Therefore, we offer "Swedish treatment" instead of "Swedish massage".