Completely private room aroma oil treatment specialty salon
"Nogizaka SPA"

Rest assured that it is a Rirakuru group

"I want to experience an oil treatment once, but I'm worried and it's hard to go to a shop I don't know."

"I'm not satisfied with the current aroma oil store"

"I want to experience the Swedish treatment, which is said to be the most comfortable in the world."

"I want to experience the best relaxation in a comfortable facility environment like HOTEL SPA and a completely private room."

Nogizaka SPA was born from the voices of many customers.

* Nogizaka SPA is not used in combination with various services that make points as a separate brand from "Rirakuru".

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Nogizaka SPA Popular Secret
Please enjoy a relaxing and blissful time like HOTEL SPA.
The mainstream treatment techniques in Japan and Asia are stimulating in the "Itakimochii" style, which strongly presses the muscles, and is performed for the purpose of temporarily relieving pain and stiffness. This culture has permeated all over Japan as Balinese style (Balinese).
On the other hand, in Europe and the United States, the mainstream procedure is to relax the muscles and the body and mind without pain. Since it is not acupressure, there is less pain and there is almost no "returning", so it is said to be a "technique that melts the body".
This technique is a popular Swedish style in Europe and the United States. Nogizaka Spa is one of the few salons in Japan that specializes in classic style Swedish oil treatments.
As the surface muscles are loosened by a unique technique and spread to the deep part, you can experience the comfort over time.
A space designed by a famous architectural designer like HOTEL SPA
We welcome customers with the quiet Japanese space "ZEN" and the art of light, which are produced by designers who design many famous stores. The lobby is a Japanese space where you can feel calm and relax from your visit.
The floor of the treatment room is made of stone, giving top priority to cleanliness. We have complete private rooms with ventilation, lighting and air conditioning control in all rooms. All rooms have different designs, but please enjoy a blissful time in the beauty of indirect lighting.
We also have a pair room for two people, so please use it as a gift for your companion.
At our shop, we are particular about quality and provide everything.
[Carrier oil]
Generally, jojoba oil and almond oil are used in oil treatments, but Nogizaka Spa uses high-quality squalane oil used in cosmetics. Since it is not sticky and has a high affinity with the skin, many people do not wipe it off and it also has a moisturizing effect.
[Aroma oil (essential)]
Nogizaka Spa offers 5 types of original blended oils. In addition to this, about 30 kinds of essential oils are available. Some of them are expensive (rare) oils, so you can choose your favorite scent.
[Imabari Towel]
Luxury brand Imabari towels are used for textile products such as towels around the bed that come into contact with the customer's skin. The original towels ordered directly from the Imabari factory are of the highest quality that have passed the Imabari towel approval test.
[Herbal cordial]
We offer herbal cordial, which is famous as a popular British-born health drink, as an after-drink after treatment. Please choose your favorite taste from 6 types.
In addition to the dresser for each room, we offer a full range of amenities such as hair dryers, curling irons, and brushes free of charge. You can use it without worrying about the appearance after the treatment.
Nogizaka SPA
Business hours: 11: 00-23: 00 (LO21: 30)
3 minutes walk from Nogizaka Station / Roppongi Station
If you come by car, please use the nearby coin parking lot.

Our store is a relaxation store that does not require national qualifications. Ahaki Law (Act on Anma Massage Shiatsushi, Harishi, Kiyuushi, etc.), other related laws and regulations, notifications and notifications of regulatory agencies, shiatsu, massage, etc. that violate the industry's self-regulation are not performed. .. Our shop offers "Swedish Aroma Oil Treatment" which is a Swedish style treatment that is not a medical practice.