Long course is best for Swedish treatment

The Swedish treatments offered at Nogizaka Spa are not suitable for quick massage in the world. At Nogizaka Spa, we do not recommend treatment for less than 60 minutes even for first-time customers in order to let you know the original goodness of Swedish treatment.

The Swedish treatment, which is like kneading with the palm of your hand, slowly relaxes the tension from the superficial muscles. Therefore, it does not stimulate the deep muscles with a strong stimulus like acupressure from the beginning, but gradually loosens the deep muscles over time.

The Swedish treatment does not cause the unpleasant pain that occurs after the treatment called "returning" due to inflammation of the muscles caused by strong acupressure. The reason why Swedish treatments are popular mainly in Europe and the United States is that there is almost no pain during or after the procedure. In recent years, Swedish treatments have become mainstream in spas of foreign-affiliated luxury hotels in Japan, and are very popular with long-term residents and celebrities living overseas.

In other words, by taking as much time as possible, you will be able to experience the "melting treatment that is said to be the best in the world." Nogizaka Spa recommends a minimum of 130 minutes course, but if you do not have time, we also have a short course, but if you have time, please take a long course. Please try it.

Nogizaka SPA  Features of

1. 1.Space production like HOTEL SPA ( ZEN style)

"ZEN" is produced with a finish using materials carefully selected by a famous designer who handles many space productions and lighting that makes full use of the space.

2. Treatment treatment technology

Adopted Swedish style which is highly evaluated as the standard technique in the world. It is said to be the most comfortable oil treatment in the world, and is said to be the origin of all techniques.

3. 3. Carrier oil

Uses squalane, which is a luxury product that is also used in cosmetics. It has excellent moisturizing and penetrating effects, has a high affinity with the skin, and protects the skin from dryness.

4. Essential oil (essential oil)

A lineup of original blended aromas created by repeatedly blending hundreds of essential oils.

5. Towels & cushions

Uses domestic high quality brand "Imabari Towel". Danish "Phosflakes"Invite you to sleep deeply with high quality cushions.

6. "Pair room" exclusively for pairs

For those who want to receive treatment in one room, we have a pair room that is completely private. The foot bath is also a bench seat for two people. The bed layout also makes it easy for two people to have a conversation.

"Hearing" "Tactile" "Visual" "Taste" "Smell"

It is a unique aroma treatment specialty store that is particular about everything that customers touch and see.

Limited to new customers. Swedish experience satisfaction course