Foot (leg + refre) treatment

     For stress relief, poor circulation, and leg swelling


At Nogizaka Spa, we offer the entire leg, which incorporates the technique of Swedish aroma oil treatment, with the treatment of thighs and calves, plus reflexology treatment, as Nogizaka Spa's original "leg treatment".

Thigh / calf treatment

Thigh chili toment is very important because the thigh has the largest muscles in the body. It is said that it not only eliminates swelling of the legs but also affects the stiffness of the back and lower back. In addition, thigh to calf treatment improves blood circulation in the lower body, making it a popular menu for relieving swelling and tiredness. In the aroma treatment, you can get a feeling that you can not taste with Mihogushi (dry treatment) by promoting effective blood flow by gently rubbing the whole instead of acupressure.

What is the difference between reflexology and acupoints?

In foot massage, when you press the reflex points (pots) on the soles of your feet with your fingers, you apply force to press them with "points", whereas in reflexology, you press the reflex areas (areas) as "faces". It is said that "reflexology does not hurt" compared to foot massage, which gives the impression of pressing strongly with pinpoint, but it is not only the strength when actually pressing, but also when pressed with "dots" and with "faces". The difference in how to apply pressure and the experience are different .

The secret of reflexology's popularity

Reflexology is said to be a treatment that improves physical disorders, relieves fatigue, and enhances the beauty effect, and is a principle that has become widespread throughout the world. The name Reflexology is a combination of reflex and logy.

It is said that by stimulating the reflex areas on the soles of the feet evenly, it works on the organs and organs corresponding to the reflex areas, draws out the natural healing power, and improves the function of the body.

In addition, it is expected that the autonomic nerves will be adjusted by a comfortable stimulus not only on the physical side but also on the soles of the feet, which will make you more relaxed, relieve stress, and have a positive effect on the mental side. Is also expected to have a good effect. Reflexology is expected to provide the following for health maintenance and beauty support by giving moderate stimulation to the reflex area of the sole of the foot to care for physical and mental disorders.

Effect of warming the body

By rubbing the soles of the feet, the blood flow pushed out from the heart is pushed back toward the heart, making it easier for the blood flow throughout the body to circulate, and the whole body becomes warm. It is said that increasing body temperature also affects the improvement of immunity and healing power of Sezen, and also affects the improvement of poor circulation.

・ Improved metabolism

It is said that reflexology improves blood circulation and distributes oxygen to cells throughout the body, making it easier for waste products to flow and improving metabolism. Since it also affects the discharge of waste products, it is expected to eliminate swelling of the legs and is also popular for its detoxification effect.

・ Relieve stress and feel relaxed

In addition to giving a pleasant stimulus to the soles of the feet, the warmth and security of touching the skin with bare hands gives a high relaxing effect.

By adjusting the autonomic nerves and making it easier to refresh the mind and body, it also helps to relieve stress.

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