​Dry head treatment

The popular "Dry Head Spa" in "Swedish style".

Nogizaka Spa offers a dry head spa as an optional menu.

Please experience Nogizaka Spa's original dry head spa that incorporates the comfort of Swedish treatment.

Unlike other oil treatments, Swedish treatments use moderate oils and perform unique procedures. However, there is a "dry Swedish treatment" that does not use water or oil, and by treating the head with this technology, we are proposing a more comfortable dry head spa.

What is the secret behind the popularity of "Dry Head Spa"?

Dry Head Spa has become a popular relaxation in recent years because it does not use water or oil on the scalp and does not wash or dry the hair in order to loosen it in the procedure. In addition, the comfort of the treatment makes you feel relaxed enough to fall asleep, so you can refresh your tired head and refresh your desk work.


[People who recommend dry head spa]

・ The neck and shoulders are stiff. ・ The head is heavy and dull.
・ Eye strain ・ Light sleep, unexpected sleep ・ Anti-aging of face ・ Smartphone or computer long-term fatigue



"Head, my eyes are refreshing!"

By rubbing and stimulating the head with a dry head spa, when blood flow is adjusted, eye fatigue is relieved by improving blood flow in the head and neck and shoulders, which is also said to be good for stiffness.

Not only that, when the scalp becomes soft, the heaviness of the head also changes, and when the blood flow in the scalp deteriorates, it becomes difficult for oxygen to reach the brain. It is said to relieve fatigue and stress, bring a relaxing effect, and give a feeling of refreshment.

It affects not only the blood flow of the scalp but also the blood flow of the eyes, and is pleased with the feeling of relief of eye strain that modern people have.

Many people fall asleep during the procedure, but it is said to have a positive effect on their daily sleep.

Some people say that by promoting blood flow, the autonomic nerves are in order, which makes it possible to sleep soundly and wake up better.

If you use your smartphone or computer for a long time or feel stress, we recommend that you experience the dry head spa once.

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