Face line treatment

For eliminating swelling of the face, double chin, and nasolabial fold


At Nogizaka Spa, we also use the Swedish aroma oil treatment technique to perform face line treatment, which is different from the treatment at the beauty treatment salon and is unique to Nogizaka Spa.

By treating the face together with the oil treatment of the whole body, please enjoy the refreshing feeling after the treatment more than ever.

Clean the area around the chin and make the face line beautiful.

It is said that one of the causes of swelling and swelling of the face is stiffness around the face and neck and decreased metabolism.

In particular, the face line from the chin to the cheeks gives a great impression to the other party, and the beauty is enhanced by making the boundary between the face and neck clear.

The front of the face may be covered to some extent with makeup, but it is desirable to keep the chin line beautiful when viewed from the side.

Nogizaka Spa Original Face Line Treatment

Instead of facial treatment at the beauty treatment salon, we use the technique of Swedish treatment to loosen the stiff face line and neck.

By loosening the stiff areas, it promotes metabolism and leads to a clean face line.

The oil used is squalane oil, which is also used in cosmetics with less stickiness.


Please also remake your makeup after the treatment in your room

For face line treatment, remove makeup below the cheekbones.

If you are going to make up after the treatment, please bring basic cosmetics and makeup supplies.

All rooms are equipped with a large mirror dresser.

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