Decollete & Upper arm Treatment

To the longed-for "clavicle beauty"


At Nogizaka Spa, in a lying state, which is usually provided by the Swedish aroma oil treatment procedure.

This is an optional course that focuses on treatments from the décolletage to the neck and shoulders, and the upper arm.

Clean the chin area and make the décolletage line beautiful.

For women, the décolletage is as important as the face to express beauty.

In particular, the beauty of the collarbone brings out the beauty of dignity, such as complementing the accessories on the chest.

Carefully treat the décolletage line, which has been affected by daily fatigue, stress, and poor posture.

Supine treatment from décolletage to shoulder area and upper arm care

It is a décolletage line that is also performed in the whole body course of Swedish treatment, which is popular at Nogizaka Spa.

Especially enjoy the pleasantness of Swedish treatment and the mellow scent of aroma.

The décolletage procedure is very popular and there are many partial requests.

As an option menu, it can be added to the normal treatment.

If you are worried about your posture, cat back, or stiff shoulders, please try it.

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