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​This is a column written by the therapist of Nogizaka Spa like a blog.

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Thank you for your continued patronage of Nogizaka Spa (^^) I'm Takeuchi ♪

The private treatment room of Nogizaka Spa has a stone floor in consideration of hygiene.
Generally, there are many carpet and carpet shops ^^.
After each treatment, the floor is cleaned and disinfected with a mop or rag, so you can use it barefoot with confidence ♪
However, disposable slippers are available in all private rooms, so please feel free to use them.

Disposable slippers are available in each room ♪ (Takeuchi) 2020/08

Hello everyone (^^ ♪ I'm Takeuchi!

The other day, a customer who often visits the store had a combination of essential oils with a very nice scent, so I will share it with everyone ♪
★ Citronella Citronella is citrus and makes you feel bright and light.
★ Cardamom Cardamom is a spice-based product that relieves anxiety and fear and improves concentration.
★ Juniper Berry Juniper Berry is a tree-based product that makes you feel refreshed and positive.

I can't usually think of a combination of these three, but I recommend it because it has a very nice scent.
It may be just right at the time when you are likely to feel uneasy now!
Please try it at Nogizaka SPA.
There are other essential oils, so please choose your favorite combination.
We have 35 types of single essential oils ★

Combination of essential oils ♪ (Takeuchi) 2020/08

Thank you for your continued patronage of Nogizaka SPA! This is Takeuchi (^^ ♪

Today, I would like to introduce the combination of single essential oils recommended by Takeuchi ♪
★ Lavender Lavender is a floral type and has a high relaxing effect.
★ Clary sage Clary sage is an herbal type that helps to balance hormones and soothe frustration.

Anyway, it's the perfect combination for relaxing ♪ Please try it (# ^^ #)

Combination of essential oils-Refreshing blend- (Takeuchi) 2020/09

Hello (^^ ♪ This is Nogizaka SPA ♪
There are two types of chronic headaches that occur repeatedly: "migraine" and "tension-type headache".
"Migraine" is caused by stress on the body for some reason and the rapid expansion of blood vessels in the brain.
It is also caused by lack of sleep, hunger, fatigue, strong stimulation of light and sound, and changes in atmospheric pressure.
In other words, things that are unpleasant to you (= stress) almost always cause migraine headaches.
It can also occur due to the tightening of underwear or the temperature of the air conditioner.
It is painful as if the area around the eyes pulsates from the temples.
Also, especially for women, the rapid decrease in the hormone "estrogen" is very stressful for the body.
Migraine headaches may occur due to changes in female hormones, such as before, during, and on the day of ovulation.

"Tension-type headaches" are caused by tension in the muscles on the sides of the head, shoulders and neck.
Muscle tension impairs blood flow, accumulates waste products, stimulates nerves around them, and causes pain.
This is caused by mental and physical stress and the fact that you keep the same posture for a long time by operating your smartphone or computer.
Along with eyestrain and malaise, the pain continues to squeeze the entire head.

◎ The way to deal with migraine is to "cool". Cooling the painful area causes the blood vessels to contract and the pain to be reduced.
It is also important to rest in a quiet, dark room.
If you move your body when you have a headache, the pain will increase and
Light and noise can make the pain even worse.

◎ The way to deal with tension-type headaches is to "warm". Massage the aching part or warm it with a steaming towel or half-body bath.
Remove stiffness in the neck and shoulder muscles to improve blood circulation.
Stretching around the neck and shoulders is also effective.

Swedish treatment is
Since the shallow to deep muscles are loosened in order based on anatomical physiology, a stretching effect can also be obtained.
It is also a feature that there is little burden on the body and backlash even if it is done to a reasonable degree.

Headaches and stiff shoulders require care around the neck, but they can also be caused by an imbalance in the entire body.

Please try the whole body treatment while relaxing in a luxurious private room (# ^^ #)

Great effect of Swedish Vol9 Headache reduction (Nakano) 2020/09

Hello (^^ ♪ This is Nogizaka SPA ♪

The stiff shoulder blades are an important part of promoting fat burning, and
It is a place that I would like to relax even for people who continue to have the same attitude such as personal computers, smartphones, and housework.
Not only does it lead to stiff shoulders and neck stiffness, but it also loosens the sagging face and back meat from the surface muscles during the Swedish treatment technique called "fiction"!

Please try it (^ _-)-☆

Great effect of Swedish Vol10 Make your shoulder blades easier ♪ (Nakano) 2020/10

Hello ♪ I'm Nogizaka SPA (^^ ♪

It's getting colder (> _ <)
While thinking that it's cold on the way home from work, I commute while being healed by the winter scenery such as the illuminations of Tokyo Tower and Midtown ♪

Well the main subject ★
It is said that women change their personality four times a month due to menstruation. "(-" "-)" Menstruation is a common topic among staff members.

Many techniques for adjusting hormone balance have been introduced, but it seems that touch care and touch therapy, which are becoming more widespread, are also effective.
Recently, due to the influence of massage and relaxation boom, research on the effects of treatments is progressing.
In the Swedish treatment group, the amount of the hormone arginine and vasopressin, which increases due to stress and aggressive behavior, is greatly reduced, and the blood level of the stress hormone cortisol is also slightly reduced.

When mental stress is applied, the secretion of the corticosteroid cortisol increases.
On the contrary, it is widely known from the research results that the cortisol level decreases when the treatment is taken.
Among them, "oxytocin" became famous as a healing hormone and a happy hormone.
A soothing treatment will flood your brain with oxytocin and make you feel calm.

Let's survive the last December of 2020 by receiving a Swedish treatment and improving the happiness hormone (^^ ♪)

Swedish Great Effect Vol.11 Happy Hormone UP! !! (Nakano) 2020/12

Hello everyone!
I'm Takeuchi, who recently started a diet but started working on ramen!

I'm addicted to it today, or Takeuchi's favorite blend! (^^)!
No, I think this is a scent that everyone will receive, so I recommend it ♪
☆ Lavender & Frankincense ☆
Lavender is a popular scent, not to mention, perfect for relaxing!
Frankincense has excellent effects on dry and aged skin, and is said to be good for coughing, sore throat, and painful bronchial symptoms.
It is also recommended for the current dry season and the beginning of catching a cold ★

Nogizaka SPA has 30 types of single essential oils. We hope we can help you choose your favorite essential oil!

If you have any questions, please tell the staff (# ^^ #)
We look forward to welcoming you to our store.

☆ Essential oil blend ☆ (Takeuchi) 2020/12

) Hello ♪ I'm Nakano, who is happy to see the shooting star twice on the 14th of Nogizaka SPA ♪

You can see it in Tokyo! I was surprised and happy that it was a Gemini meteor shower.

In the "Great Effect of Swedish Vol.11" that I talked about in the previous blog, I mentioned in a recent study that the secretion of "oxytocin hormone" called happiness hormone and affection hormone was confirmed by receiving Swedish treatment ♪

Moreover! It has also been reported that oxytocin suppressed muscle aging and restored muscle mass.
This result suggests that oxytocin hormone has the potential for rejuvenation and anti-aging!
Furthermore, oxytocin is said to heal the mind and bring about tolerance to stress and a feeling of well-being, and recently it has been reported that it has effects such as improving autism, and the happiness hormone "oxytocin" has the potential to be unknown. ..

That means. .. .. It seems that the effects of Swedish treatment have various possibilities! (^^)!
Please experience it ♪ ☆

Great effect of Swedish Vol.12 Anti-aging (Nakano) 2020/12

Hello everyone! This is Takeuchi!

It got cold all at once. Aroma treatment with foot bath is recommended on cold days ♪
For those who are suffering from coldness and swelling in the foot bath, adding essential oils will further enhance the relaxation effect.
If the treatment is performed while the whole body is warmed up and the circulation of blood flow is good, it will be easier to approach the muscles and at the same time the swelling will be drained well.

Warm your mind and body and take a break at Nogizaka SPA (* ^-^ *)

Relieved breath foot bath ♪ (Takeuchi) 2021/01

Hello ♪ I'm Nogizaka SPA (^^ ♪

The pollen season has come in earnest (> _ <)
The scent of Nogizaka's original blended oil, which is effective against pollinosis, refreshes you with a refreshing scent.

Regarding treatments during the period of hay fever, I think that some people may temporarily worsen their allergic symptoms when blood flow improves.
So shouldn't we do the treatment? Personally, I don't think so.
After all, I think that it is better to go around better and to wash away waste products and detoxify as a result.
After all, when you have allergies, it is very stressful and your body becomes stiff.
As a bonus, I feel like I'm sleeping and I'm not sleeping soundly.
If you're prone and your nose gets clogged or stops, it's painful
We also offer supine treatments and head treatments, so please feel free to contact us (# ^^ #).

Great effect of Swedish Vol.13 Is it good for pollen ?! (Nakano) 2021/03

Hello everyone! This is Takeuchi!

It's warm in the daytime and there are many cool days in the morning and night ('_') I don't know what to wear (laughs)
Recently, I feel that the number of customers who are counseling customers and are suffering from neck, shoulder, head, and eyestrain has increased.

I think that self-restraint, work at home, etc. will increase and it will be easy for the neck and shoulders to get tired.
As a solution ・ Incorporate moderate exercise into your life.
・ Slowly rotate your neck left and right to loosen your muscles.
Such. ..
After all, I think it's important to let it flow with aroma (^^ ♪
It's difficult to go out, but please do your own maintenance once in a while ♪
Click here for essential oils recommended for those who are tired of the neck, shoulders and head!

★ Peppermint, lemongrass, rosemary ★
It works to reduce pain and relieve muscle tension.

★ Lavender, bergamot ★
Essential oil with a high relaxing effect. It is effective in reducing stress.

It is recommended to use this essential oil alone, or you can blend it with your favorite scent.
Please take this opportunity to visit Nogizaka SPA (# ^. ^ #)
We look forward to your visit ♪

Tired of desk work (Takeuchi) 2021/04

There are many customers who feel lack of exercise because they haven't moved much since they recently started working from home.

Head muscles and scalp tend to become stiff due to the same posture for a long time, overuse of eyes, cold body, and lack of exercise.
The muscles and skin of the face are connected to the head, so when the head becomes stiff, the elasticity of the skin decreases, and the muscles of the face also become stiff, causing sagging and wrinkles.
You can hide it with a mask now, but many people are worried about sagging and wrinkles.
Loosen your scalp to eliminate the cause of sagging face.
In addition, a stiff head can cause sleep deprivation, headaches, and neck and shoulder stiffness.
For those who feel extremely tired, we recommend that you combine body treatment and optional dry head spa ((^_^))

Preventing sagging of your face at Dry Head Spa (Ando) 2020/04

Hello everyone! This is Takeuchi!

Today, I would like to talk about "Swedish Treatment," which has not yet penetrated in Japan.

The Swedish treatment, which is said to be the "most comfortable oil treatment in the world," is
Invented by a Swedish-born doctor over 200 years ago, it is said to be the origin of oil treatments.
In Europe and the United States, Swedish treatment has a stronger image as a treatment than relaxation, which provides healing, and is covered by insurance in some countries.

★ Differences from other oil treatments ・ Uses a small amount of oil.
・ Because it not only slides oil but also catches muscles,
There is a feeling of being very damaged and a feeling of being loosened to the core.
・ Ordinary oil is unsatisfactory.
・ There is little backlash.
・ Your body becomes warm.

The oil treatment is performed along the muscles and skeleton, so it works deeper into the body.
In order to gradually approach deep muscles from the back and front body to the feet, arms and head, all over the body.
It is a painless and satisfying treatment.

One of the reasons why it is said to be "the most comfortable oil treatment in the world" is that the treatment is performed slowly and with a gentle rhythm from the beginning to the end. Going is also different from other oil treatments.

Since the treatment is performed with a small amount of oil in close contact with the hands, it is perfect for Japanese people who are suffering from chronic problems caused by blood flow stagnation and coldness, and medically activates autoimmunity function. It is said to be effective in making people feel and mentally.

It is also said to be the best sleeping treatment in the world, and the parasympathetic nerve becomes dominant and the relaxing effect is enhanced.

In addition, we are particular about the practitioner's "form (posture)", which is an important factor for the practitioner, "appropriate pressure control is possible" and "minimizes the burden on the practitioner's joints. It also has a nice point.

As you can see, it is a versatile body maintenance that can handle all kinds of problems ♪

Why don't you experience the technology recognized by the world once?
We are waiting for your reservation (* ^-^ *)

What is a Swedish treatment? (Takeuchi) 2021/06

Hello (^^ ♪ It's getting hotter and lighter, and I'm worried about my body line (> _ <)

At Nogizaka SPA, everyone is highly conscious of their health, such as handmade lunch boxes and gluten-free practice! (^^)!
The photo is a fat burning soup that I'm addicted to recently ♪

Basal metabolism is important for dieting!
The breakdown of basal metabolism is ★ 1st place: liver 27% ★ 2nd place: brain 19% ★ 3rd place muscle 18%
What is the liver involved in basal metabolism rather than muscle! !!

When we investigated the improvement of liver function, the liver was one of the few organs that could be touched through the skin.
Nogizaka SPA's intestinal fir (female only) was perfect for the treatment site (* ^^) v

I'm glad if you can see the improvement of the diet effect cellulite that can be expected by the Swedish treatment to the constitution that is hard to accumulate & the constitution to be thin because it is also summarized in [Swedish's amazing effect Vol.3] (^ ^)

We look forward to experiencing Nogizaka SPA's Swedish treatment (# ^^ #).

Great effect of Swedish Vol.14 Diet Part2 (Nakano) 2021/06

Hello, this is Nogizaka SPA (^^ ♪

The fascia is the membrane that surrounds the muscles.
It is often said that if the fish sausage itself is muscle, the sticky vinyl part is likened to fascia.
A long stroke is required to properly stretch the connective tissue layer called fascia.
However, even with the same oil massage, Mats Surge, which has a large amount of oil in tropical relaxation, is inefficient in terms of approaching the fascia.
If the amount of oil is large, it will slip and the pressure will not be caught, and the large amount of oil will cool the body, making it difficult for the fascia to stretch.
To loosen the fascia properly, warm it slowly.

With Swedish treatment, you can accurately capture the fascia layer with a direct approach to the skin while warming the body with a small amount of oil.
And the slow rhythm from beginning to end, which is unique to Swedish treatment,
An appropriate and diverse approach based on anatomical knowledge meets the optimal conditions for loosening the fascia.

Please feel the muscle tension on a long course! (^^)!

Swedish Great Effect Vol.15 Loosen the fascia and make it flexible (Nakano) 2021/06

Swedish Great Effect Vol.16  Relieve muscle tension (Nakano) 2021/06

Hello ♪ I'm Nogizaka SPA (^^ ♪
Last time I talked about loosening the fascia, so this time I will talk about muscle tone ♪

To relieve tired muscle tension and pain ...
Only with proper external stimuli can the stiff muscles loosen.
Stimulation that is too strong will cause muscle tone due to the defensive reaction.
On the contrary, even if the stimulus is too weak, which is often found in massages such as just stroking.
The body's biological reaction, which I want you to loosen a little more strongly, occurs, and the sympathetic nerve becomes dominant and the body becomes stiff.

If you have a Swedish treatment that slowly relaxes the surface muscles when fatigue substances are accumulated in the muscles or tension remains, such as immediately after exercise, you can expect the effect of accelerating the recovery of muscle fatigue! !!

Regular maintenance is recommended even for a short time before muscle tone worsens and pain occurs ★
Please use Nogizaka SPA after training to relieve the tiredness that accumulates every day (# ^^ #)

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