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Hello! This is Nogizaka SPA Takeuchi!
At Nogizaka SPA, we have prepared 5 types of blended oils so that our customers can relax and receive treatments!

Frankincense, rosemary, neroli, lavender, mandarin Recommended for those seeking the beauty of women. An oil that enhances the beauty of women both physically and mentally, it is a popular scent that suits everyone.

Spike Lavender, Pine Scotch, Eucalyptus Radiator, Peppermint Avensis Recommended for those who are concerned about their health. Pine Scotch, which is also called a panacea, is said to have skin, tracheal, anti-inflammatory and bactericidal effects, and is recommended for those who are concerned about "hay fever," "cold," and "cough" in the tracheal system.

Flower style (Hanakaze)
Rosemary, Rose Geranium, Lavender, Jasmine, Sweet Orange Recommended for those who are concerned about stress and who want to feel refreshed. For those of you who are working hard every day, the sweet scent of flowers will release you from stress, and the scent of herbs will make you feel refreshed.

Frankincense, Rose Geranium, Sweet Orange, Lavender Good Sleep, For those who want to relax, lavender and orange, which are widely used in sleep, provide a relaxing sleep by blending oils that relieve stress and relieve tension while seeking a good night's sleep. To do.

Ylang Ylang 1st, Bergamot, Cardamom, Cedarwood Virginia, Patchouli Recommended for those who want to produce sexy and have confidence. By blending citrus and wood while blending exotic scented oils, it not only makes the other person look attractive, but also provides a feeling of self-confidence.

Of these 5 types, I like blue sky and starry sky! It is one of the pleasures to choose the scent before the treatment ☆
Please enjoy the scent with the Swedish treatment (^ o ^)

Nogizaka SPA original blend oil ☆ (Takeuchi) 2019/12

Hello! This is Takeuchi from Nogizaka SPA!
Valentine's day is over and it's getting warmer!
I am an annual after Valentine's Day,

!! !! !! !! !! pollen! !! !! !! !!

Will come! smile

People who develop hay fever are said to be genetically allergic to the main cause!
Other than that, it is generally said
"Changes in eating habits" "Sleep deprivation and irregular life that disturb the autonomic nerves" "Stress"

Isn't pollinosis a little easier by reviewing your lifestyle and living a regular life? ★
And it is important to wear a mask and wash your hands to prevent the virus and influenza that are prevalent now!
Let's do our best to prevent viruses and pollen! !! !!

It's been 3 months since Nogizaka SPA opened!
Thanks to all of you, more and more people are coming to receive Swedish treatments, and now the reservations are filling up ♪

We have a lot of confidence to satisfy you ★
If you have any detailed preference for the treatment, please contact the Gangan Therapist! !! !!

Annual event! (Takeuchi) 2020/02

Hello ♪ I'm Nogizaka SPA (^^ ♪

Personal computers and smartphones have become widespread, and neck stiffness has increased.
In the past, it was often confused with "shoulder stiffness", but now it seems that many people are aware of "neck stiffness".
Neck stiffness is mainly caused by tilting the neck forward for a long time. It's a so-called chin-protruding posture.
And if you look down as it is ... you can feel the heavy strain on your neck.

Those who use a computer or smartphone for a long time are stuck in that position for a long time. It puts a lot of strain on your neck.
Also, if your eyes get tired, your posture will collapse and you will get more force. It will put more burden on you. It is accompanied by a headache with severe stiffness.
Neck stiffness is difficult to stretch, and many people "stretch different muscles" in many cases.
Normally, you have to stretch your "shrinking muscles".
However, it is the "stretching muscles" that hurt, so I try to focus on that.
Sure, it feels good at that time, but it's not the ultimate solution.
Let's stretch not only the comfortable part but also the shrinking part.
In addition, "the distortion of the pelvis is not good for the body" has been widely reported on TV and online.

So what's the opposite?
It is not surprisingly known that "neck stiffness" causes pelvic distortion and lower back pain.
We are connected from the neck to the waist. Yes, it's the spine.
If a strong force is applied to a part of it, you can imagine that it will have an impact on others.
Recently, it has become clear that the fascia and muscles, which are the membranes that cover the muscles, have a wide range of effects.
I feel pain when my fascia and muscles are distorted.
If you have a pain in your lower back and it is temporarily easier after the procedure, but it returns to normal immediately, it may not be due to your lower back.

Stiff shoulders and stiff neck (Nakano) 2020/03

All the customers who came to the store from the reopening of business,
He said that he was tired of his upper body due to the changed work styles such as teleworking and zoom meetings, and he was tense with tension and stiffness up to his neck, shoulders, shoulder blades, arms and hips (> <).
Not to mention the tiredness of the upper body, the blood flow of the whole body tends to deteriorate because commuting has disappeared and the number of people who have been refraining from walking has decreased.
I think that everyone is taking various measures and solutions, but Nogizaka SPA is recommended ★ Please try ok easy self-care while watching TV at home ♪

[By site ★ Easy but self-care]

~ Legs ~
1. Place your left ankle on the thigh of your right foot while sitting on a chair
2. Tangle the fingers of the right hand between the toes of the left foot
3. With the image of turning the ankle, it turns 10 times toward you
4. Turn around 10 times
5. Do the same for the opposite right foot * One set each morning and evening

~ Waist & buttocks ~
1. Sleep on your back with your knees bent slightly on the floor or bed
2. Place both hands on the place where you can feel the tension of the waist and buttocks (so that the middle finger and index finger hit)
3. By tilting your legs to the left and right, you can put your weight on both hands and loosen the place where you feel tension.

~ Shoulder & scapula ~
1. Join hands on the back side
2. Pull up with the image of pulling the shoulder blades (
3. Raise and return 10 times * In the morning, brown fat cells are activated and metabolism is likely to increase.

~ Neck ~
1. Sit comfortably, close your eyes and tilt your head
2. Lightly place the opposite hand on your head for 5 seconds
3. Tilt at various angles (the hand on your head is on the opposite side)
4. At the end, turn upward and extend the front side of the neck. * Finally, turning the ears around will relieve eyestrain and refresh the swelling of the face.

It's about 1 minute each, but I can't move from the sofa anymore.
In such a case, lie down or sit down

1. Make both hands goo
2. Tap the part where you feel tension such as thighs with the strength you feel comfortable. This alone will increase blood flow and make it easier to eliminate dullness and swelling ♪

Please do your best to work your body (* ^^ *)

Eliminate self-restraint fatigue! By part ★ Easy self-stretching ♪ (Nakano) 2020/05

In June, the state of emergency was lifted and step 2 was reached, and I feel that the commuter train has returned to normal.
Those who have resumed work commuting, those who are continuing teleworking, continuing from the last time !!
Recommended for the body tired from the unusual lifestyle of the corona whirlpool ★
Easy self-care for about 1 minute each while watching TV (^^)

[Takeuchi Recommended ☆ Waist & Hip Stretch]
1. Sumo wrestlers will step on the fork
2. Place both hands on your lap
3. Put your right shoulder forward
4. Return the right shoulder and then pull the left shoulder forward.
5. Alternately 5 times each, not only the hip joint, but also the waist and shoulders are stretched and refreshed ♪

[Recommended by Sakurai ☆ Neck, shoulders, upper arms, shoulder blades stretch towel stretch]

◎ Straight neck & 20 jaws refreshing edition
1. Take a towel and hold both ends
2. Hook the towel on the base of the head and neck (occipital bone line)
3. Lower your head back and leave it to the towel
4. Pull both ends of the towel up
5. Good time (the principle of lever)

◎ Upper arm & shoulder blade stretch
1. Take a towel and hold both ends (hold as short as possible)
2. Hold the towel to your back
3. Pull your left hand up and your right hand down
4. Next, pull your right hand up and your left hand down.
5. Favorite time (principle of lever)

Please do your best to work hard in the changing situation every day (* ~~ *)

Easy self-stretch Part2 ★ Takeuchi / Sakurai recommended edition ♪ (Nakano) 2020/06

Hello ♪ I'm Nogizaka SPA near Tokyo Midtown (^^ ♪
It is now difficult to completely prevent infection due to anxiety all over the world, but I want to prevent the weakening of immunity against the new virus and influenza!
When the cold becomes chronic, the intestines themselves become cold and slow to move, and the autonomic nerves that control the functions of blood vessels and internal organs also become sick, and the sympathetic nerves become dominant, further worsening the functions of the intestines. increase
  (I will dig into the cold and autonomic nerves again)
The intestine becomes less active when the sympathetic nerve is dominant. More than 60% of immune cells and lymphocytes that eliminate foreign substances such as viruses and cancer cells are gathered in the small intestine, which is closely related to the intestinal environment and immune function. It has to do with the fact that when the intestines get cold and work poorly, the immune system is weakened!

As a result of the Swedish treatment, the hormone arginine vasopressin, which contributes to aggressive behavior, is significantly reduced, the stress hormone cortisol is slightly reduced, and some cells help the lymphocyte immune system protect the body from harmful substances. There was a research paper saying that it increased

It's great to relax and improve your immunity ♪

Great effect of Swedish Vol.1 Immunity UP! !! (Nakano) 2020/06

Hello ♪ I'm Nogizaka SPA, the best Swedish treatment salon right next to Roppongi Midtown (^^ ♪)

"Because my legs are tired from commuting and crowded trains, let's go to the acupuncture points." .. .. When you feel like it! !!
The whole body treatment is excellent in Swedish! !! !!
Even if you just do the soles of your feet just because your feet are tired and swollen, the effect will be reduced. .. ..
It is similar to the fact that water does not flow even if dust is removed only at the outlet of the hose where dust has accumulated in several places (> <).

Swedish treatment also emphasizes the order of procedures. It means that the muscles closest to the heart are softened in order. First of all, the treatment is focused on the back and shoulder blades. After promoting blood flow and warming the body, we will perform a firm treatment on the feet.

Furthermore! At Nogizaka SPA, a foot bath is included before the procedure ☆
We will warm your feet and relax your body and soul.

Swedish treatment, which is said to be the source of all treatments, has more than 100 types of techniques.
[At Nogizaka SPA, carefully selected techniques from over 100 types]
After the treatment, I will take care of you with all my heart so that you can skip it lightly and go home (laughs).

We have also prepared a 70-minute full-body course so that even busy people can feel free to use it! !!
For those who want to double the effect, we also have a long course ♪

Relax and make your legs ♪ Please try it (# ^. ^ #)

Swedish Great Effect Vol2 For everyone's longing legs! (Nakano) 2020/06

) Hello ♪ I'm Nogizaka SPA (^^ ♪
It's been a long time since rainy days have continued (> <)
The temperature is rising a lot, and the number of hot and humid days is increasing, and the exposure of the skin is increasing!
At Nogizaka SPA, we have introduced a new Option menu for places where customers are particularly tired!
There are also leg and stomach menus that are worrisome due to exposure and light clothing! (^^)!

So, following the previous beautiful legs, one of the great effects of Swedish!
We will feature [improving the unevenness of the skin surface by diet & cellulite] ♪

In fact, it is said that strong treatment cannot decompose and remove cellulite.
Rather, it is said that strong treatment makes it easier to accumulate "plasma", which is one of the causes of cellulite.
* Plasma is a liquid component excluding formed components (red blood cells, white blood cells, platelets) in the blood.
The most effective treatment for cellulite is to gently flush it.
In other words, the soft and flowing series of oil treatments of Swedish treatment is
This means that you can expect a far greater effect of reducing cellulite than a brute force oil massage.

In the first place, the number one cause of cellulite is "coldness". We will also feature the "cold" mechanism!
Swedish treatments often use small amounts of premium oils, so
The medicinal properties contained in oils and aromas and the effect of raising body temperature unique to a small amount of oil treatment improve blood flow and improve metabolism.
As a result, the action of burning fat is enhanced, and it can be expected to improve the constitution that cellulite is hard to accumulate and the constitution that is thin (^ _-)-☆

Swedish Great Effect Vol3 Diet & Cellulite (Nakano) 2020/06

Hello ♪ The weather is very nice and it feels good (# ^. ^ #) The terrace of the Benz cafe in front of Nogizaka SPA is also popular ♪

Ultraviolet rays are getting stronger, and I'm worried about sunburn when walking or running (> <).
Let's maintain beauty and health by self-stretching quickly during breaks at home and work (^^)!

[Recommended by Takeuchi ☆ Widen the range of motion of the scapula! stretch】
-Shoulders that tend to roll inward to the back-
1. Stick the sides of your body to the wall (to fix your hips without bending)
2. Extend your hand on the wall to the front. (9 o'clock on the clock)
3. Slowly stretch it up and stop for about 20 seconds in a slightly spicy place.
4. Keep reaching behind (at 3 o'clock on the clock) and turn while paying attention to the shoulder blades.
5. Also on the other side

[Sakurai Recommended ☆ Hip Stretch]
-Repels swelling of the lower body !!-
1. Raise your right leg (you can support it on a wall or desk with your hand)
2. Turn the knee 10 times clockwise around the hip joint. Turn it counterclockwise 10 times.
3. Do the same for the left leg.

[Recommended by Nakano ☆ Refreshing furisode on the upper arm]
~ Aim! A refreshing upper arm from a T-shirt ~
1. Lightly goo with both hands, bend your elbows and bring them behind your head.
2. Wave your hands alternately with the image of tossing your shoulders so as not to lower your elbows
3.1 minutes 30 seconds! Ton ton! !!
It's pretty tough (laughs)

When you are tired of work or on your way home, or when you take a walk in Tokyo such as Tokyo Midtown, Roppongi Hills, Akasaka Sakas, etc.
Please drop in at the cool and elegant Nogizaka SPA ♪
We will treat you with all your heart (# ^. ^ #)

Easy self-stretch Part4 ★ Takeuchi / Sakurai / Nakano recommended edition ♪ (Nakano) 2020/06

) Hello ♪ I'm Nogizaka SPA (^^ ♪

It's chilly rain (> <)
Due to the drastic changes in daily temperature and the temperature difference between the outside and the inside, [the limbs are cold even though it is hot and sweaty]
Maybe some people are suffering from poor circulation even in the summer. (> <)
At Nogizaka SPA, all private rooms are equipped with independent air conditioning, and the beds are also equipped with electric blankets, so the space is cool! Your body is warm! !! We are fully prepared so that you can receive the treatment comfortably! (^^)!
Not only the rooms and facilities, but also the Swedish treatment of Nogizaka SPA is effective for improving poor circulation (^ _-)-☆

In the first place, cold is poor blood circulation caused by temperature, clothes, eating habits, etc.
Poor blood circulation can make it difficult for nutrients to reach the whole body and reduce the function of cells.
Therefore, the immunity is also weakened.
One of the many causes of coldness is the defensive reaction to survive.
What protects is the priority of the parts of the body that are important for sustaining life, which first tries to keep this around 37 degrees Celsius when it gets cold in the center of the body where important organs gather.
As a result, blood is collected in the center and it becomes difficult for blood to reach the tips of the limbs, which are the ends, and as a result, it gets cold due to insufficient blood flow.

If you leave it cold ... Headache, dullness, stiff shoulders, back pain, knee pain, swelling, constipation, skin problems such as spots and wrinkles, etc. )

Enjoy the summer with a healthy body that is free from the cold in the comfortable space of Nogizaka SPA and the immunity boosting effect of the Swedish treatment, which was mentioned in the amazing effect of Swedish in this blog Vol.1 (^^ ♪)

Great effect of Swedish Vol.4 Improvement of poor circulation (Nakano) 2020/06

Hello ♪ I'm Nogizaka SPA (^^ ♪ The wind is too strong, everyone, please be careful when moving (> <)
Recently, the temperature and atmospheric pressure have changed drastically, and on top of that, the heavy swelling that you feel when you work or commute to work "(-" "-)"
Women in particular are really sensitive to swelling. .. ..

Also for such [swelling]!
There is an expected effect of Swedish treatment (^ _-)-☆
It improves lymphatic flow and reduces swelling.
For example, a technique called elfrage stretches the fascial network to allow interstitial fluid to flow into the inlet of superficial lymphatic vessels, and other procedures also have the effect of promoting lymphatic flow throughout the tissue to the deep layer. !!
In other words, with proper Swedish treatment that is aware of the running of lymph nodes and lymph vessels, stagnant lymph can be drained.
In the first place, the lymphatic massage currently being performed has been studied based on Swedish treatment.
Lymphatic massage is also effective in improving swelling.
The Swedish treatment, which promotes the flow of lymph, has the function of draining excess waste products and water from the body, so it can be expected to directly reduce swelling! !!
The new optional leg treatment is also gaining popularity for eliminating swelling! (^^)!

Swedish Great Effect Vol.6 Female Enemy! Swelling Reduction (Nakano) 2020/07

Hello ♪ I'm Nogizaka SPA (^^ ♪

[Great effect of Swedish Vol.6 Reduction of swelling]
If you leave the swelling unattended. .. .. .. .. .. I tried to summarize the answers!

Since swelling causes the flesh of the face and body to sag, improving swelling can prevent slack, and Swedish also has an indirect and preventive slack improving effect (^ _-). )-☆
By all means, relax and beautify in a luxurious space with the finest technique and luxury ♪

New menu available! Popular dry head, intestinal fir popular with women ♪
Always prepare more than 30 kinds of aroma oil ♪ Enjoy your favorite scent ♪

Swedish Great Effect Vol.7 Prevents sagging of the body! (Nakano) 2020/07

Hello ♪ I'm Nogizaka SPA (^^ ♪ Summer days-it's chilly and the temperature changes drastically (> <)

When the cold becomes chronic, the intestines themselves become cold and slow to move, and the autonomic nerves that control the functions of blood vessels and internal organs also become sick, and the sympathetic nerves become dominant, further worsening the functions of the intestines. increase.

In the sympathetic predominant state, the intestines become less active (> <)
More than 60% of immune cells and lymphocytes that eliminate foreign substances such as viruses and cancer cells are gathered in the small intestine.
Due to the close relationship between the intestinal environment and immune function, when the intestines become cold and work poorly, the immune system is weakened.
In addition, if the sympathetic-dominant tension continues, the intestinal function slows down, the "peristaltic movement" that promotes defecation is purified, and constipation tends to occur (> <).
Appropriate treatment of the intestines activates parasympathetic nerves, absorption of nutrients and excretion of waste products, resulting in increased metabolism.
If metabolism is improved, fat will burn more easily, skin turnover will be promoted, and you will be able to get a lean and beautiful skin constitution!

Among the many oil massages, the Swedish treatment, which has a high effect of warming the body by using a small amount of oil, is effective in improving constipation.
When the body gets cold, the function of the intestines decreases, so it is important to warm the body to activate the function of the intestines.
The area around the intestine is also a densely packed area of lymph.
Swedish treatments for the intestines can be expected to promote lymphatic drainage and support the elimination of toxins and waste products.
In addition, the intestine is also the largest immune system in the human body! It is said that about 60% of all immune cells are in the intestine.
In other words, improving the condition of the intestine by appropriate Swedish treatment on the abdomen leads to activation of immune cells and enhancement of immunity.
If your immunity increases, your body will not get tired easily, your skin will recover more, and you will be more resistant to mental stress.

All the stomach treatments are included from the 100-minute course! (^^)! Further effect UP is the new Option intestinal fir! Is also popular ♪

Great effect of Swedish Vol.8 Constipation & intestinal environment (Nakano) 2020/07

70% of immune cells are made in the intestine.
Improves the intestinal environment and boosts immunity (^^) /

★ Be careful not to take too much animal protein and lipids that feed bad bacteria.
★ Put intestinal bacteria that feed good bacteria and grow them.

Ingredients that supply good bacteria Yogurt, natto, miso, kimchi, pickles, cheese

Ingredients for growing good bacteria Vegetables, fruits, mushrooms, seaweed, oligosaccharides

I want to take something good for my stomach every day to boost my immunity (^^ ♪

Improving the intestinal environment and boosting immunity (Ando) 2020/07

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