In recent years, the term relaxation has become common in Japan as well.

Even if you say "relaxation" in a word, you can think of various services.

We are constantly exploring what services our customers can heal both physically and mentally.

We would like you to experience a luxurious space and time like HOTEL SPA more closely and more reasonably.

"A quiet extraordinary space where relaxing time flows"

"Treatment technique using unique technical level"

"Scents and linens that invite you to sleep deeply"

Aroma treatment salon <Nogisaka SPA> born from such a concept

We will continue to seek a salon where the staff who work with our customers will be healed.

Nogizaka SPA


​Company Profile

​Trade name

Riraku Co., Ltd.

​Date of establishment

January 8, 2010


​5,000,000 yen

​board member

Chairman and Representative Director Takeo Isaji

number of employees

133 people * Including part-timers (as of June 30, 2020)

​Business content

Operation of relaxation space

​Business store

640 stores (as of January 2020)

Headquarters office

1-2-1, Benten, Minato-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka Osaka Bay Tower Office 18F Tel: 06-4400-5400 (Representative)

Our store is a relaxation store that provides services to improve health. We do not perform any treatment according to the definition of Shiatsu, masseuse, etc. according to the Medical Practitioners Act. Regarding aroma oil treatments at our shop, we do not offer "Swedish massage" but "Swedish aroma oil treatment" which is a Swedish style treatment that is not a medical practice.