[If you come by car]

▶ By taxi

Please come to Gaien Higashi-dori Nogizaka's Natural Lawson as a landmark. It's the second floor of the building.

The landmarks are "Nogizaka Post Office", "Mercedes ME", and "Nogizaka's Natural Lawson".

▶ For private car

Nogizaka SPA does not have a private parking lot. Please use the coin parking near you.

[Mitsui's Repark Akasaka 9-chome Parking Lot] 9-6-44 Akasaka, Minato-ku

[Mitsui Repark Nogi Kaikan] 8-11-27 Akasaka, Minato-ku

[Mitsui's Repark Roppongi 4th Parking Lot] 7-2-4 Roppongi, Minato-ku

In addition, midtown parking lot

[When arriving by bus (Chi-bus)]

"Chi-bus" is a community bus that anyone running in Minato Ward can get on for 100 yen. There is a little distance on foot to Nogizaka Spa, but a taxi is a convenient bus for people about 1 count away. It operates about once every 30 minutes, which is convenient on rainy days.

Chii-bus Akasaka route

Please get off at "Nogi Park" from the direction of Akasaka Mitsuke and Aoyama 1-chome. (Stops on the ground at Nogizaka Station)

From Roppongi Hills, get off at "Nogizaka Station Entrance". (Stops in front of Mercedes Me)

Click here for a detailed explanation of the Chiibus Akasaka route

[When coming from the Minato Ward area]

If you are coming from Minato Ward, "Nogisaka Spa" is not only a subway but also a short distance, so a taxi is also recommended. However, traffic jams may occur depending on the time of day, so please come with plenty of time.

For your health, we also recommend that you visit us on foot (walking).

Time and distance from Minato Ward to Nogizaka Spa (time is for reference)

Akasaka Mitsuke, Tameike Sanno, Nagatacho Aoyama, Omotesando, Gaienmae Nogizaka, Roppongi Hiroo, Ebisu Azabu, Shirokanedai Shinagawa, Takanawa, Izumidakeji Mita, Shiba, Hamamatsucho Toranomon, Shimbashi, Yurakucho, Ginza